Question: Name?

Answer: Lea-Marie

Question: Instagram name?

Answer: @leavelardi

Question: Twitter name?

Answer: @leavelardi

Question: Where do you live?

Answer: Connecticut (Message me if you wanna know the town)

Question: Is it true that you have an accent?

Answer: It’s like a southern/boston one

Question: Check out my blog?

Answer: Just leave your URL in my message box and I will.

Question: How many followers do you have?

Answer: over 5,000 as of 11.29.2012

Question: Follow for follow?

Answer: If I like your blog, I’ll follow.

Question: Can you promote me and I’ll promote you?

Answer: If you have +2,000 followers.

Question: Gay? Straight? Lesbian? BI?

Answer: I am bi, no shame. Love is love.

Question: Who do you like?

Answer: Demi Lovato, duh.

Question: Single?

Answer: Yes sir rooni

Question: What sports do you play?

Answer: I’m a cheerleader, basketball player, field hockey goalie and a softball pitcher.

Question: You’re a Lovatic?

Answer: If you already couldnt tell, but yes. I’ve loved her since 2007. Never stopped. Been with her through it all. She’s my best friend. I saw her in concert on 6-28-13 and she giggled at me when I yelled “I’m lesbian for you.” So my life is made.

Question: Can I submit you a picture to reblog?

Answer: Yeah, but please no nudes or I will block you. Or if you want to get my attention, tag something “lea”

Anything else? Just ask!

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